ProActive Sports Disc Golf MAP Policy

Pacific Rim Ventures, Inc., dba ProActive Sports Disc Golf (PAS Disc Golf), and/or Rovic Industries appreciates the strong and loyal network of distributors and retailers of its Rovic Disc Golf Cart. To ensure the strength of this network, and to maintain the integrity of our product line and promote equal competition, the Company has adopted a Minimum Advertised Price policy (“MAP”).

Effective Date
This MAP policy for the Rovic RV1D Disc Golf Cart will go into effect January 15, 2021. .

Covered Product
The product covered by this MAP policy is the Rovic RV1D Disc Golf Cart.

Policy Guidelines
Effective January 15, 2021 all advertisements for the Rovic RV1D Disc Golf Cart must be at or above $219.99

Covered Parties
This policy applies to advertising by all domestic resellers of the Rovic RV1D Disc Golf Cart, including but not limited to dealers, distributors and retailers.

Covered Advertising
This policy applies to all forms of print advertising, including magazines, newspapers, catalogs, and direct mail pieces; broadcast advertising, including radio and television advertising; electronic advertising, including e-mails; and internet advertising, including banners, pop-up and pop-under ads.

Internet Advertising
As noted above, this policy specifically applies to internet advertising. Any advertising of covered products on the internet must be between the minimum and maximum prices referenced above, and any such advertising must be on the website of a distributor or retailer. There should be no advertising of covered products on any third-party website, or any auction site unless authorized in advanced. Such advertising should not infer or create impression, either directly or indirectly, that a covered product might be sold at a lower price. Website features such as “click for price,” “price too low to quote,” “add to cart to see price,” “retail price strike-though” or any preformatted e-mail responses, automatic price displays, and all similar features existing prior to an item being placed in a buyer’s cart are considered to be communications initiated by the reseller, and thus constitutes “advertising” under this policy.

Resale Prices
This MAP policy applies only to advertised price standards for the Rovic RV1D Disc Golf Cart. It does not impact or affect the actual resale price that is charged. Each reseller is free to unilaterally and independently set its resale price.

Violations of Policy
This MAP policy is not the result of any agreement between ProActive Sports Disc Golf or any of its resellers. Rather, it is a policy that has been unilaterally and independently implemented and maintained by ProActive Sports Disc Golf. This MAP policy will be enforced solely and unilaterally by ProActive Sports Disc Golf. Should ProActive Sports Disc Golf independently determine that a reseller has violated this MAP policy, then ProActive Sports Disc Golf reserves the right to suspend further shipments or to cancel pending orders, in its sole discretion.

Policy Amendments
ProActive Sports Disc Golf reserves the right to implement promotional pricing campaigns, and in such event may notify its resellers that it may be modifying the MAP policy accordingly. ProActive Sports Disc Golf also reserves the right to otherwise update, revise, modify or suspend this policy at any time, without any consultation or approval from its resellers.

Any questions regarding this pricing policy should be directed to:
Jerry Corcoran | 503-678-9323